Sunday, June 5, 2016

California 24th Congressional District Candidates Question - Answer(s) could potentially solve many of the problems facing this district.

There are 9 candidates running for California’s 24th Congressional District. I, Steve LeBard am running for California Assembly and I have a question to pose to each and every one of these candidates.
Their answer(s) could potentially solve many of the problems facing this district. I will post any answers that I receive from them on Monday, June 6, 2016 at 8:00 a.m. via Facebook (the day before elections). I ask that all of you re-post their answers to your Facebook friends so that the “voter” is better informed.

The 24th Congressional District covers about 200 miles of California’s Central Coast. We produce lettuce, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, broccoli, avocados, citrus, olives, and lots of wine. Production continues to expand as more acreage is planted and farmlands are more densely planted as is with hoop houses etc…

This production consumes enormous resources. By my calculations water consumed just from the 26,000 acres of grapes planted in Paso Robles is equivalent to the needs to supply water to 885,000 families – five times more than the entire population of this district.

Most of this production is very labor intensive and most of that labor comes from south of the border. Our Congressional District is overwhelmed with illegal immigration. The escalation of illegal immigration has evolved over decades as the demand for cheap labor has risen.

We are footing the bill for their health care, education, law enforcement, social and government services. Neighborhoods are turning into ghettos and gang violence is out of control. Many illegal immigrants come here knowing full well how to work our system of government, some even defrauding the IRS by claiming dependents that don’t live in the U.S. or don’t exist at all.

Many of the products produced locally, utilizing cheap labor, are consumed in other counties, states and countries, yet we, the taxpayer, pay to subsidize those products. The reality is the big producers are using cheap labor at our expense. This is unfair to each and every one of us. Products produced here and consumed outside of our district need the consumer of those products to subsidize our community’s burden. And it’s not just the money; it’s impacting our quality of life in so many other ways.

We must embrace immigrants that want to become patriotic Americans and design a system that monitors the migrant labor force, keeping it safe and accountable. It is our duty to elevate immigrants to American standards, not lower ourselves to third world conditions.

Products produced here and consumed elsewhere, whether it’s someone eating strawberries in New York City, chewing on head lettuce in Omaha or drinking $100 a bottle wine in Tokyo, are consumed at our expense. These consumers are the reason that we are overwhelmed with the public services needed to manage illegal immigration and with the vast consumption of our community’s natural resources?

My question – How will you fix this mess?

Please submit your answers to Steve LeBard email

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